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Musical Meme

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List 10 songs that begin with the letter given to you and explain why you picked them. Comment and I shall give you a letter.

I was given J, for Jack :)

1. The Jean Genie - David Bowie   Who doesn't love Bowie?  And this was one of his songs covered by the Cybernauts, which is awesome since I'm infatuated with Phil Collen (NOT Phil Collins!!!)

2. Jeepster - T Rex  What can I say, I loves me my 70s glam!  And the lyrics are, in my opinion, sexy as hell (especially near the end).

3. Jesus of Suberbia - Green Day  Even Jack loves this one.  I adore Green Day and I listened to American Idiot quite often when I was pregnant.  Jack always moved more when Green Day was on.  "I'm the sone of Rage and Love / The Jesus of Suburbia"  Poetry.

4. Julia - The Beatles  So pretty

5. Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry  Rock and roll wouldn't be the same without it

6. Jealous Guy - John Lennon  Lennon is God, what can I say?  I also struggle with jealousy, sort of.  Not everyday, but if another girl put her hands on my Brett....

7. Jackass - Greenday  Yes, more Green Day.  "To Love you is to hate you / So loving you must be like suicide"  Powerful, to say the least

8. Jaded - Mest  Tenniebopper-punk?  Maybe, but I love this song.  "I'm jaded, stupid and reckless / not sorry and I'll never regret these years..."

9. Jamie's Cryin' - Van Halen  So perfect, the whole album.  Can't rock much more, really.

10. The Joker - Steve Miller Band  OK, who seriously doesn't like this song?  Such a classic, so much fun.

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