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I began the day so upbeat and happy only to be taken down at lunch.

Brett snapped at me over the phone.  I asked him to come up to lab to get Jack's afternoon milk and he snapped, telling me it negates this being a quick trip and asking me to bring it down.  Well, it brought me down.  I sat in the car with him for a couple of minutes talking about it, letting him know that since he didn't have to drive us home today and the only reason I am staying at work is because I'm busy and that rather than take a minute to come up and get the milk I had to stop in mid experiment to deliver it...  He apologized.  I know he has been having a bad day that is not looking to get much better, but we both agreed he shouldn't have taken it out on me.

I'm still mad at myself for meekly squeaking "OK, I'll bring it down" when I had a reason not to, but I am proud that I didn't let it fester all day long until I burst into tears, which I was on the verge of doing.

So we're cool now, I'm not angry or anything and he did apologize, not realizing how it had hurt me, but still... I can't seem to shake the funk I'm in.

Happy and upbeat ith lots of energy can so quickly turn to downtrodden and exhausted with limbs feeling heavier by the second.  I suppose it is my defense mechanism, sleep rather than be depressed.  It really is amazing the kind of effect it has, emotional swings like this.  It's not all mental, that's for sure.
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